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Common Misspellings - Commonly Misspelled Words
Funny: Mom Buys Me a Spell Checker for Christmas PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 30 November 2008 18:16

To fully get the joke, you need some back story.  I am fairly seriously dyslexic and as a child I hated nothing more in school than spelling tests. Every week my mother and I had a ritual. She grilled me on my spelling words and I cried. It wasn't much, but it was our system

So a few months back when I told my mother I was starting a website called Common Misspellings, she was the one in tears, but it was tears of hysterical laughter.  (yes, my own mother mocked me) The mocking continued when she got me a spellchecker for Christmas with a card that said "To help you with the website."

But I have to admit, the Spell Checker she got me was very cool. It uses a Phonetic Dictionary which is a vast improvement over letter matching methods used in the past. (How DO you look up a word if you can't spell it?) I was very impressed by how powerful this thing is.

I decided to give one to my niece for Christmas and in researching, the newer model spell checkers I am impressed how cool many of them are.

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Free Online Spell Checker PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 25 November 2008 08:19
From the emails I have been getting, many people are looking for a full fledged online spell checker. I found one that is really cool. You just type in your text and hit the "Check Spelling" button and it spell checks for you. Try it!  Free Online Spell Checker
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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 23 November 2008 00:54

How do you spell

That what a whole lot of people want to know.

 After putting up that list of common words that people ask google how to spell, I started seeing a lot of people really do type that into google. I sent my friend (a fellow linguist) a question. I wanted to know if people are typing "How do you Spell" more of it they where typing "How do I spell..."

 He told me that overwhelmingly people type "How do you spell" into google.  Which was odd considering google isn't a person but they refer to it as "you." Interesting. 

The other thing I find funny is that I get an abundance of people asking "How do you spell neice." -- Apparently these people have never heard the old rule that I goes before E except after C. - It should read 'How do you spell niece' which would be right.

BTW there is a list of commonly misspelled words below (scroll down) and here is the list of the words often misspelled according to gogle.

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How many different ways can you misspell insurance? E-mail

People make typos (or misspell words) all over the net.  One thing I was interested in is how many people make common misspellings or common typos for every day words.  One of the tools I use as a linguist is a typo generation tool.

I wanted to see how many different ways the word insurance could be misspelled. What I found was interesting.

Common Misspellings
Written by Administrator   


A partial list of common misspellings and the proper way to spell them.


abber(r)ation ** aberration

accomodation ** accommodation

acheive ** achieve

adress ** address

alot ** a lot or allot

Alsation ** Alsatian

alterior ** ulterior

ammend ** amend

anti-semetic ** anti-Semitic

attatch ** attach

athiest ** atheist

auxilliary ** auxiliary

barbeque ** barbecue

beggining ** beginning

beleive ** believe

bicep ** biceps

bouy ** buoy

Britian ** Britain

brocolli ** broccoli

For the rest of the list, click the Read More button at right.

Most common misspelled words according to google PDF Print E-mail

A friend of mine saw my goofy little website and he sent me a list of all the words people ask google to spell for them...

One Word I Always Misspell E-mail

I don't know why, but I can always misspell the word "because." Or more accurately, I can't TYPE the word because. I'm very good at typing the word "becasue" whatever that means. But more often than not if I have to type "because" it ends up being misspelled.


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